Is Your
Data Safe?

Is Your
Data Safe?

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Every small-to-medium business needs


Yes, you are a target

43% of all cyberattacks targeted small
to medium size business (SMB)
operations in 2018. Source: Verizon

You may not know you’ve been hit

It takes companies an average of 279
days to realize they’ve been hit by a
data breach, increasing the harm.

SMB clean-up costs are high

The average cost of a data breach for
organizations with fewer than 500
employees was $2.74M in 2018.

You may face an extinction event

Of the SMBs that are attacked,
60% never reopen.

Small-to-medium sized busiesses are more at risk

2021—a year of massive change.

Make IT
Better In

Companies across the globe took a new approach, including moving more to the cloud and using virtual workflows for the first time. This work-from-anywhere trend came with a price—additional cybersecurity risk.

Cybercriminals raked in more than one trillion dollars globally in 2020, targeting businesses big and small* 28% of the businesses successfully targeted by cybercrime in 2020 were in the “small business” category** Bottom line—your business is a potential target.

* “The Hidden Costs of Cybercrime,” McAfee.

** “2020 Data Breach Investigations Report,” Verizon

Protect your data, your processes, and your investment


54% of small businesses think they’re too small
for cyberattacks


What can you do
to fight back?


60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyberattack go out of business within six months.


There was a 424% increase in new small business cyber breaches last year. Hackers love small businesses.


There was a 424% increase in new small business cyber breaches last year. Small businesses are low hanging fruit.


Small businesses spend an average of $955,429 to restore normal business in the wake of successful attacks.


It pays to get tough on cybersecurity. Enhancing your security posture proactively can help you harden your defenses and protect yourself from threats before they hit your company networks and disable your business, systems, and data.

Get a free assessment today. We can help you get started.

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