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CyberSleuth® helps you keep your
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CyberSleuth® offers the best managed security

Managed security can protect your Business from cyber attacks

Businesses today rely on their digital assets. However, that’s increasing the risks you face. We secure your business data.

Biggest Cyber
Threats In

Human Error
Is hard to prevent

Your employees may use public Wi-Fi to do their work, accidentally click on phishing emails, or share sensitive data on cloud services or flash drives.


Employees often reuse passwords across accounts and use easy-to-guess passwords.

The latest threats
Elude traditional antivirus

Weaponized documents, fileless threats, zero-day threats, and ransomware lack signatures and can slip through scheduled AV scans.


If your SMB works in a heavily regulated business, you could face regulator fines in addition to cleanup costs.


Our technology

CyberSleuth® is integrated threat management software combined with RMM (Remote Management & Monitoring) that enables Windows devices to self-defend and heal themselves by stopping processes, quarantine, fix, and rollback events to keep devices protected.


Antivirus is not enough anymore

CyberSleuth® uses process behavior to monitor multiple processes to recognize attacks as they develop and respond at machine speed. This is different from signature-based detection from traditional AV solutions, which monitors processes as they execute, and not the processes that can spawn from it.


Real-time threat managment

CyberSleuth® provides forensic data to mitigate threats quickly, perform network isolation, and protect against newly discovered threats.


The Dirty Truth About IT security


43% of all cyberattacks targeted small to medium-size business (SMB) operations in 2018. Source: Verizon.

2 million

SMB clean-up costs are high: The average cost of a data breach for SMBs was $2.74M in 2018.


You may face an extinction event: Of the SMBs that are attacked, 60% never reopen.


It takes companies an average of 279 days to realize they’ve been hit by a data breach, increasing the business harm.

Manuel Lloyd has acted in a vCIO (Virtual CIO) capacity for Wilmington Health for several months and has provided invaluable leadership and strategic direction for us. He has helped perform some heavy lifting on high-level initiatives to include storage, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and business continuity. I'm excited to continue working with him on future projects and initiatives—Wilmington Health

Get the expertise and
the services you need

Let's start with a cybersecurity assessment. Our assessment is comprised of a thorough survey of your entire network and workflow (cloud, mobile, and in-house). To accomplish this survey, our team deploys tools that examine every facet of your IT environment for gaps and anomalies. With the data gathered, we are able to generate reports detailing the security posture of your IT systems. Even more good news is that this assessment is done in the background so you can continue working without interruption.