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Why choose CyberSleuth®

We offer managed security services

All systems without oversight may eventually decay and crash. Without management, most company IT systems tend to spiral downward.

Your cybersecurity readiness is no different. It must be managed.

If you are relying only on AV software and a firewall to keep your data safe, it may be time to rethink how you are protecting your records and workflow. 

Today, threats like fileless malware, ransomware, and phishing make it necessary for every company to have an ongoing cybersecurity management strategy.

Our team specializes in helping companies like yours achieve and maintain a cybersecurity strategy that’s best positioned to defend these new attack vectors.

As part of this effort, we leverage enterprise-class cybersecurity tools and protocols while monitoring your IT environment continuously for any anomalies that may indicate a potential threat to your operations.

Why choose CyberSleuth®

We manage the critical layers of your security

If we asked you, “What parts of your IT environment are you currently protecting?” how would you answer?
When we ask other business owners that question, I typically get answers like, “Our email use,” “our data,” or “our internet use.” And you may have answered the same way.
All great answers…but incomplete.
Why choose CyberSleuth®

What is layered security?

Here is a quick list of some of the areas and functions that you should have secured in your organization:
• Internet
• Network
• People (cybersecurity awareness)
• Applications
• Devices
• Data
Providing security management across your IT operations is a complex task and requires a team of IT professionals who “live” in the cybersecurity world. 
Our team offers cybersecurity management, maintenance, and monitoring to help you manage your cybersecurity posture and mitigate your risk. We deploy cybersecurity tools and protocols across your entire organization with the aim of protecting your mission-critical IT assets, workflow, and data.
Let’s improve your cybersecurity profile together.

If you want someone who understands technology and its end-to-end place in business, CyberSleuth®'s your team. They've always had three traits rarely found together in any company - passion, vision, and sincerity. CyberSleuth®'s attention always puts you first, they listen and ensure you're comfortable and in the know about every important decision

—Chris Weber, President Co-Founder, Managing Principal, Director, Casaba Security