Is Your Data Safe?

We have deep expertise in data security

  • Document backups
  • Backup testing
  • Disk encryption
  • Network analysis
  • Email security
  • Web protection
  • CyberSleuth® Data Security

    Document backups

    Backing up your documents isn’t just about an employee losing their work after not saving and needing to access a copy. That’s only part of the story.

    Cybersecurity risks like ransomware can make document backup critical as well. When you back up your documents, you can restore them and get employees back to work faster after an attack.

    We help you stay productive by implementing continuous, regular, automated backups of your critical documents, striving to give you optimal access to your files at all times.

    CyberSleuth® Data Security

    Backup testing

    How confident are you that your current backups will prevent you from losing critical information or productivity? To determine whether your automated data backups can be efficiently recovered, you should test them in a real-world recovery scenario.

    Our team uses virtual, cloud-based recovery environments to test data backups to help make sure they will be available when you need them the most.

    CyberSleuth® Data Security

    Disk encryption

    Protecting mobile workflow requires you to have the right protocols and security layers in place around your data. Whether in the office or travelling across your region, the devices your employees use can be lost or stolen.

    How much damage could a criminal do with access to company data on a missing laptop? Such a device could easily include proprietary trade secrets, financial data, or even customer data.

    Our disk encryption service allows your employees to work seamlessly while protecting their data using an encryption key. Even if a criminal steals a device, encrypting the data helps keep their prying eyes from seeing what it actually says.

    CyberSleuth® Data Security

    Network analysis

    Once data leaves your computer, it seldom follows a straight road to and from its destination. It often takes a complex journey of paths through internet providers, the cloud, and third-party systems.

    The best way to uncover where data flow chokepoints and issues cause workflow problems is to gain transparency, wherever your data travels.

    That’s exactly what we provide, and it’s called network path analysis.

    CyberSleuth® Data Security

    Email security

    Microsoft 365 email is a fantastic product―it deserves top-shelf security protection.

    After all, your email communications are the lifeblood of your organization. Any issues resulting from spam, phishing, adware, malware, or ransomware can bring your employees’ productivity to a standstill and damage your brand.

    The answer to potential email security risks is our advanced email security service. Although Microsoft 365 comes with some stock email security features, they often aren’t sufficient to guard against emerging and zero day threats.

    CyberSleuth® Data Security

    Web protection

    Imagine an employee surfing the internet, wasting your time and money on social media sites ― or worse. 

    Now, imagine that same employee clicking on what they think is a legitimate website link, only to find themselves on a site that’s solely designed to trick them into giving up confidential data about themselves or your company.

    Advanced Web Protection is the missing tool in your cybersecurity arsenal.

    Web protection goes beyond traditional content filtering and firewalls to block access to sites that are time wasters, suspicious, or dangerous.

    Our team harnesses this proactive and adaptive technology to help you maintain both high efficiency and a high level of cyber protection.