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CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Dental Practices

What we do

We provide the IT security, management, maintenance, and support you need to run your dental practice without worrying about the back end of your technology.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Dental Practices

Why we do it

We want local dentist practices to be able to treat patients in our community without the distraction of IT roadblocks and speed bumps.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Dental Practices

How we do it

We use enterprise-level IT maintenance and security tools to remotely care for your security, network, computers, and mobile devices. When necessary, we make on-site visits to set up new hardware, integrate systems, or troubleshoot issues that need on-site attention.


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Healthcare Accounts for 79% of All Reported Breaches


In 2021, Attacks increased by 45% according to Health IT Security


drop in patient satisfaction when switching EHRs—Journal of the American Medical


of physicians said paperwork was their leading cause of burnout—Medical Economics

We help you have the time, compliance, streamlined IT systems, and IT security needed to provide top-notch care for your patients. We consult with you to determine what technologies will help you improve your care and patient outcomes—then implement and manage them for you.

Manuel W. Lloyd has provided invaluable leadership and strategic direction for us. His company helped perform some heavy lifting on high-level initiatives including storage, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and business continuity.  They are adept and up-to-date with new technologies but can balance excellent communication and negotiation skills with stakeholders and vendors.

For this, they have been a very valuable asset.

—Todd Richardson, IT Director, Wilmington Health