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IT services for

Dental Practices

What we do for dental practices

We provide the IT security, management, maintenance, and support you need to run your dental practice without worrying about the back end of your technology.

Why we do it

We want local dentist practices to be able to treat patients in our community without the distraction of IT roadblocks and speed bumps.

How we do it

We use enterprise-level IT maintenance and security tools to remotely care for your security, network, computers, and mobile devices. When necessary, we make on-site visits to set up new hardware, integrate systems, or troubleshoot issues that need on-site attention.

Top pain points we help dental offices with
  • Trouble choosing—and implementing—new technology
  • Trouble with putting legislative compliance protocols in place and maintaining compliance
  • Concerns over IT security—especially ransomware
  • Desire to implement communications streamlined with practice management software, utilizing more than just a telephone for patient communications
  • Needs surrounding the integration of practice management systems with third-party applications in use
  • Requiring on-call IT support at a price point tailored to the needs of their practice
The benefits of partnering with us
  • Put a full team of IT specialists on your side
  • Protect and maintain your network and tech without putting your time into it
  • Gain a predictable monthly IT expense for easy budgeting
  • Implement your pro-growth plans with IT consulting
  • Develop expanded customer-facing automated communications for better patient collaboration
  • Rely on our team for IT answers or troubleshooting
  • Have data and systems redundancies in place in case of a systems crash or ransomware attack
Key features of our service
  • Caring for the back end of your dental technologies
  • Answering IT questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Setting up and integrating any new technologies you need with your practice management system
  • Maintaining IT security protocols for you
  • Proactive management of operating systems—operational monitoring, updates, and patching
  • Customer-facing communications consulting and setup
  • Business continuity consulting, setup, and management
  • IT compliance consulting, protocol development, management, and staff training
What makes us different
  • We have a full team of IT technicians with a range of specialties
  • We won’t be out sick, on vacation, or fishing when you need us most
  • We specialize in supporting dental offices
  • We can provide our services in an easy-to-budget, monthly subscription payment
  • We have a proactive approach—finding and fixing small issues before they become big problems that cause downtime and cost you money
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can’t we do it on our own? After all, we’re only a small dental office. If you spend enough time searching the internet and reading tech manuals, We're sure that you could. But does it make sense to sacrifice the time you spend in patient care, communications, and administration to work on your network, POS system, or computers? What’s your time worth to you?
  • We’re only a small practice—surely, we aren’t a target for cybercriminals. Because larger practices are fortifying their defenses, cybercriminals are now targeting smaller ones. Something as seemingly innocent as a spam email can be their way into your systems.
  • Why shouldn’t we stay with our one-man/woman-show IT resource? Because you’re dependent upon your IT systems for the care of your patients. You need some tech support muscle behind you for the “if and when” situations that may arise.
  • Why shouldn’t we stay with our current MSP? You could, but you must have good reasons for looking at this today. Our team provides you with a positive alternative to your current IT partner.

Whether you operate as a solo practice or a group of dental offices spread across the region, you require IT support tailored to your needs. That’s what our team provides—holistic IT support for dental practices of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced IT services team works with small businesses like yours every day to help ensure the stability, security, and function of the technology you rely upon for patient care.


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Healthcare Accounts for 79% of All Reported Breaches


In 2021, Attacks increased by 45% according to Health IT Security


drop in patient satisfaction when switching EHRs—Journal of the American Medical


of physicians said paperwork was their leading cause of burnout—Medical Economics

It pays to get tough on cybersecurity. Enhancing your security posture proactively can help you harden your defenses and protect yourself from threats before they hit your company networks and disable your business, systems, and data.

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