CyberSleuth® Provides 360º Cybersecurity

CyberSleuth® 360º Ultimate Protection Suite™

Welcome to the future of cybersecurity – introducing CyberSleuth® 360º Ultimate Professional Suite™! Safeguard your organization's digital frontier with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge modules designed to address every facet of cyber threats. From vigilant monitoring to rapid incident response, CyberSleuth® 360º has you covered.

CyberSleuth® 360º VigilantGuard™
Stay ahead of cyber threats with continuous monitoring of your network, endpoints, and applications. VigilantGuard™ employs advanced threat detection algorithms and real-time alerts to proactively defend against cyber attacks.

CyberSleuth® 360º SentinelShield™
Protect your organization's digital perimeter with next-generation firewall capabilities, intrusion detection, and network traffic analysis. SentinelShield™ secures your network against unauthorized access, data breaches, and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

CyberSleuth® 360º FirewallFortify™
Strengthen your organization's firewall defenses with advanced management features, including rule optimization, policy enforcement, and configuration auditing. FirewallFortify™ minimizes attack surfaces and maintains a secure network environment.

CyberSleuth® 360º ThreatIntel™
Stay informed about the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities. ThreatIntel™ provides actionable threat intelligence, enhancing your organization's threat detection capabilities and mitigating risks effectively.

CyberSleuth® 360º ResilienceGuard™
Build cyber resilience and recover quickly from security incidents with incident response planning, backup and recovery, and business continuity features.

CyberSleuth® 360º IncidentGuardian™
Swiftly detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents with incident detection and response capabilities, minimizing the impact of security breaches and protecting your organization's reputation.

Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to fortify every aspect of your organization's digital defense:

Recover from Cyber Attacks
CyberSleuth® 360º RecoveryForge™

Protect Digital Identities
CyberSleuth® 360º IdentitySentinel™

Optimize Cybersecurity Operations
CyberSleuth® 360º SecureOps™

Proactively Hunt for Threats
CyberSleuth® 360º ThreatHuntPro™

Defend Against Phishing
CyberSleuth® 360º PhishGuard™

Encrypt Sensitive Data
CyberSleuth® 360º DataLock™

Secure Endpoints
CyberSleuth® 360º EndpointArmor™

Protect Network Infrastructure
CyberSleuth® 360º SecureNet™

Secure Email Communications
CyberSleuth® 360º SecureMail™

Defend Against Ransomware
CyberSleuth® 360º CryptoDefend™

Guard Web Applications
CyberSleuth® 360º WebGuard™

Ensure Cloud Security
CyberSleuth® 360º CloudShield™

Achieve Compliance
CyberSleuth® 360º ComplianceGuard™

Ensure Secure Access
CyberSleuth® 360º SecureAccess™

Monitor Security Posture
CyberSleuth® 360º IncidentMonitor™

Keep Systems Updated
CyberSleuth® 360º PatchMaster™

Why Choose CyberSleuth® 360º for Your Small Business?

Small businesses face a myriad of cybersecurity threats in today's digital landscape, making it essential to choose a robust and reliable protection solution like CyberSleuth® 360º AI-powered Ultimate Protection Suite. With its advanced AI technology, CyberSleuth® 360º offers unparalleled threat detection capabilities, swiftly identifying and neutralizing even the most sophisticated attacks before they can cause harm.

What sets CyberSleuth® 360º apart is its seamless integration into existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations while providing comprehensive protection. Furthermore, CyberSleuth® 360º offers rapid response and expert support, enabling small businesses to mitigate risks, minimize downtime, and safeguard their valuable data with confidence—all at an affordable price!

Based on 12 reviews
Extensive knowledge in information technology. Resolution capacity and adaptation to change. Empathy and assertiveness in the proposed solutions. I recommend 100%
Silvana Castro
Silvana Castro
If I could rate this company above and beyond 100% I would, hands down. Manuel Lloyd and his team at CyberSleuth provide our Practice expert level services in CyberSecurity. Because we operate in healthcare, it is imperative that our systems are monitored and double checked for compliance, safeguards, processes, and procedures. The wealth of knowledge that this company brings surpasses anything you will find elsewhere.
Sheila Carr
Sheila Carr
Manny has done a great job of keeping my data secure and given me peace of mind when I need software and hardware assistance. He is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Mary Rhyne
Mary Rhyne
Without a doubt, Manuel W. Lloyd is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met, particularly in the field of cybersecurity. As a small practice manager, I feel confident placing our information security in Mr. Lloyd's extraordinarily capable hands. I highly recommend partnering with him.
Heather Latham
Heather Latham
I've heard Manny speak on several occasions and every time I am impressed with his knowledge and in awe of his story. We're happy that he is now a vendor partner for our IPA.
Lori George
Lori George
Great articles and to the point information. Very insightful and once again Manuel at his best. Keep up the good work!!!
ketan patil
ketan patil
I recently met Manuel and was immediately impressed. Our missions are very similar, we help physicians protect their business, their reputations and their livelihood. We have all met and worked with IT people before, but Manuel has incredible credentials and you immediately understand his ethics and integrity. That in itself is so valuable. You can get to work on the IT issues/data risk management that you are facing and you never have to worry about the value you're receiving. That is truly powerful. I endorse Manuel 100%.
Michael Tekely
Michael Tekely
As President of the local Wilmington Medical Group Management chapter, we have appreciated his meeting and educational support. As a healthcare consultant, I have appreciated my relationship with him as I encounter clients with IT challenges. Manny is very responsive and comfortable with serving as consultant, 2nd opinion, accessory to onsite IT or a full solution- as best fits the need. His scalability, flexibility and network of IT experts allow me to focus on other wins for the healthcare community.
Erinn Beekman
Erinn Beekman
Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting delivers the absolute best in customer satisfaction. His customer service is excellent and he makes sure your concern/problem is resolved to your satisfaction.
Sherri Medlin
Sherri Medlin
I have worked with Manuel on a few business continuity projects. He is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his approach to the projects. If keeping your Business in Business is important, Manuel understands the technology and the process to insure your goals are accomplished.
Richard Vena
Richard Vena

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Small businesses are increasingly targeted by cyber attacks, with over 40% of cyber attacks worldwide targeting small businesses. (Source: Verizon)


The average cost of a data breach for a small business is around $200,000, including expenses related to remediation, business disruption, and reputational damage. (Source: Ponemon Institute)


Ransomware attacks have surged against small businesses, with a 300% increase in attacks in 2020 compared to the previous year. (Source: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency )


Despite the growing threat landscape, only 14% of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks as highly effective. (Source: Hiscox)

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