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CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Hospitality Business

Securing your hospitality business against cybercrime

The security of your operations and guest experience must be your top priority.

Cybercriminals know your business systems house everything from guest credit card data to their travel plans. That makes you an attractive target.

Our team helps businesses within the hospitality industry protect their brand and guest experience by deploying a multilayered approach to your cybersecurity management.

Let us help keep your operations and guests safe.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Hospitality Business

We can help

To keep pace with the market, guest expectations, and your competition, you’re using technologies recently developed for the hospitality industry. But with that improvement in efficiency and service comes extra work in IT management and security.

Let our team take on the burden of securing and maintaining your IT systems, so you can get back to ensuring your guests get top-shelf service. Get the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your IT systems are in the hands of experienced professionals.

We’re here to ease your burden and give you the freedom you need to expand and improve guest services.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Hospitality Business

IT support for travel agencies

Whether you’re working from home or are back in the office, your travel agency’s business model doesn’t work without continuous, easy access to all your workflow and IT assets.

Our team helps travel agencies like yours operate in a way that works best for you and is most effective in the market today. We take care of your day-to-day IT support and security, giving you reliable and secure access to everything you need to get your job done.

Why spend time working on your computers when you could be booking more trips and growing your business?

We’re here to help you leverage technology to your advantage.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Hospitality Business

IT support for restaurants and bars

Your restaurant or bar is a fine-tuned machine, and every piece of it has to work.

But problems arise when your IT systems―reservations, POS, online ordering―aren’t functioning at 100%. If it runs on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it can slow down, crash, or be hacked.

Your best defense against IT issues is a good offense.

Our team will proactively maintain, secure, and remotely monitor your IT systems to identify and remedy any potential issues―so you can keep your guests happy.

You don’t have to do IT support on top of your already long workday.

We can help.

Leveraging technology allows you to deliver guest services more quickly, effectively, and cost efficiently. Our team works with businesses like yours in the following hospitality industry sectors to help you utilize the very best in technology to improve your guests’ experience: Recreation, Lodging, Travel, Tourism , Food and beverage.


Helping You Manage All the Tech-Related Puzzle Pieces


We can help!


of data security breaches are caused by human error and system failures.


of confirmed data breaches leverage a weak, default, or stolen password.


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Providing the best experience for your guests is not a simple undertaking. Dozens—if not hundreds—of big blocks and little details must be carefully arranged in their place. You utilize technology in many of the ways you serve your guests.

We help you make sure the underlying technology of your guest experience is secured and functioning well: Your network Guest WiFi, Property and room access, HVAC systems, POS systems, Booking and accounting, HR systems, and so much more.

They have supported all 60 of our locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia since 2002. When the finger-pointing starts between the hardware vendors and software vendors, we count on Manny’s team to come in and straighten it all out. They don’t speak Geek to us; they just get our problems resolved so we can get our people back to work and get pizzas out the door. When we needed to switch telecom providers, Manny’s team not only helped us through all the minutia, their Telecom Strategy saved us $50,000 in one transaction! When they say they can reduce costs they seriously mean it.

—Bob Huth, Franchisee