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We help medical practices, dental practices, accounting, firms, local government, and small-to-medium businesses with a layered approach to cybersecurity for their Internet, network, people, applications, devices, and data
Why choose CyberSleuth®


"Because we operate in healthcare, it is imperative that our systems are monitored and double-checked for compliance, safeguards, processes, and procedures. The wealth of knowledge that this company brings surpasses anything you will find elsewhere. If I could rate this company above and beyond 100% I would, hands down..."
—Sheila Carr, Practice Manager

Why choose CyberSleuth®


"CyberSleuth has given me peace of mind with my cyber security. I have needed this service for several years but never found the right fit. Manny has been extremely responsive and makes great suggestions for us to implement not only on the cyber security side but also just on the IT side of things. We are a fully virtual CPA firm with offices in two different cities. I sleep better at night knowing he and CyberSleuth are protecting my and my client’s data.
—Mary S. Rhyne, CPA

Why choose CyberSleuth®


With a CyberSleuth® managed service arrangement, we help ensure you get full value from the technologies you’ve invested in. That means maintaining peak performance of the hardware and software you already own, reducing or eliminating downtime, and strategizing on the tools and systems that will best serve your needs down the road. All of this helps you be more productive and efficient so you can grow your business however you choose.

Why choose CyberSleuth®

Small Biz

Power outages, fires, floods, pandemics, and other unexpected events can disrupt your business in the blink of an eye. To get back up and running as quickly as possible, you need a rigorous, well-designed data backup and protection plan. We can put in place business recovery measures that protect you against data loss even if something happens to your physical IT equipment.