IT Services for Businesses in the Insurance Industry

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CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Insurance Firms

What we do

We provide enterprise-level IT services to companies within the insurance industry. We deliver those services within a holistic approach that encompasses the entirety of their IT systems, enabling them to have a hands-free approach to IT management and security.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Insurance Firms

Why we do it

Our team thrives on working with companies and industries that have complex security concerns, compliance requirements, and workflows.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Insurance Firms

How we do it

We use business-class IT solutions and cybersecurity tools to optimize your workflow and lock down your data. This is accomplished through the use of remote, automated tools and on-site visits as required. IT help desk support and troubleshooting are conducted by our technicians and engineered on an as-needed basis


IT support and cybersecurity management for insurance companies, local branches, and brokers


Let us help!


66% of insurance executives say their company is experiencing an acceleration of digital transformation.1


IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach in a professional services business was 4.65 million dollars in 2021.2


of small to mid-size firms have dealt with a cybersecurity breach.3

Outsourced IT support for insurance is the most efficient, cost-effective way to give your insurance business reliable and secure use of your tech. Our team works closely with insurers like you to help mitigate downtime and cyberattack risk while leveling up your systems to stay competitive.

Today, there is nothing more important than protecting data - it is absolutely more valuable than currency...Manuel and his team has all of the up-to-date tools to analyze, evaluate and recommend the right solutions to help.

—Michael Tekely, AAI, Sentinel Risk Advisors, LLC