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IT services for the

Financial Industry

Helping you stay secure and deliver a superior level of service to your client base

Partner with us to help prevent against possible lost access to your mission-critical data. Our goal is to protect you and your clients. Our IT and cybersecurity services are designed to help keep your systems up, running, and protected from damaging IT incidents.

Securing fintech

Our team works daily with firms like yours to help protect everything from email communications with clients to operational databases. We deploy a full range of IT security protocols aimed at keeping your operations safe.

Supporting legislative and industry standards compliance

You have expectations and demands in the compliance arena you must meet. Our team helps you to mold your IT systems and processes to better meet your regulatory needs.

Assisting you with fintech complexity

There isn’t anything simple about the financial sector, and your business is no different. We help you navigate the complexities of technology that’s standard across the industry as well as the unique IT assets your company leverages.

What our managed IT services help you secure and streamline
  • Workflow on in-house and cloud-hosted applications
  • Email communications
  • Voice communications
  • Computers and tablets
  • Work-from-anywhere employees
  • Client-facing data sharing and portals
  • On-premises network and Wi-Fi
  • Collaboration with partners and vendors
  • Backups of firm data and client files

CyberSleuth has given me peace of mind with my cyber security. I have needed this service for several years but never found the right fit. Manny has been extremely responsive and makes great suggestions for us to implement not only on the cyber security side but also just on the IT side of things. We are a fully virtual CPA firm with offices in two different cities. I sleep better at night knowing he and CyberSleuth are protecting my and my client’s data"

Mary S. Rhyne, CPA


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of breaches in the financial services industry were financially motivated.


In 2021, the banking industry reported 30% more ransomware attacks than all of 2020


The average cost of a data breach in the financial sector was $5.72 million, according to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021.


First American Financial Corp had more than 885 million financial and personal records linked to real estate transactions exposed

It pays to get tough on cybersecurity. Enhancing your security posture proactively can help you harden your defenses and protect yourself from threats before they hit your company networks and disable your business, systems, and data.

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