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CyberSleuth® Managed Data Protecction

As a business owner, you depend on your data. In fact, you probably couldn’t operate a single day without it. But this could mean trouble if you faced an unexpected everyday calamity.

Business owners back up their data in a variety of ways―to local servers or appliances, drives, or USBs, or to the cloud. But not all of these approaches are equal, and some may even put your data at risk when the unexpected happens. Fortunately, our managed data protection solutions can back up your data securely and restore it quickly whenever it’s needed.

See what happens when Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl decide whether to back up their data using managed backup services. Follow their journey as they face IT equipment failures and data corruption issues. See who will navigate these challenges and come out on top.


We Protect

All your data

Guard Against Ransomware
When your employees click on a suspicious website link there is an entire array of dangers that can threaten your company ― including ransomware. Our web protection and DNS filtering services block employee access to the thousands of existing nefarious websites and the hundreds of new spurious sites that pop up every day.

Lower Employee Distractions
We deploy high-level tools that enable us to conform your individual employee’s web access to your policies for their role and workflow. By limiting the employee’s web access to only those sites and applications needed for their daily work, you’re able to eliminate more distractions and drive higher productivity.

Protect Guest Network Access
Your employees aren’t the only individuals that access your network. You may provide network access for visitors to your facility (such as vendors and partners) along with customers. To protect your organization from objectionable or illegal use of your wireless network, our web protection services shut down access to sites that could be problematic or dangerous.

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Businesses currently generate and receive an incredible amount of email. While that’s great for productivity and efficiency, it’s a significant cybersecurity challenge. Why?

Because every email that lands in an employee’s inbox can potentially carry a malignant link or attachment that could cause damage and cost you money. In fact, more than half of all ransomware incidents begin with a spam or phishing email1. Microsoft 365® email has some strong built-in security features, but they often aren’t enough. Our advanced email security services add more layers of protection for your Microsoft 365 users. With it, you can:

  • Safeguard Microsoft 365 inboxes with proprietary email filtering technology―with 99.999% accuracy
  • Help prevent users from falling victim to email and display name spoofing
  • Reveal users and accounts sending out spam
  • Help avoid zero-day attacks via attachment- and macro-blocking management                                   
1 “Leading Cause of Ransomware Infection,” (Accessed June 2021.)

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During a typical business day, your company information is constantly on the move. Your data can travel to and through unexpected places as it moves back and forth between your in-house, cloud, and third-party IT assets. Yet this complex chain of data delivery services and providers supports your operations. Without visibility into the parts of your extended network you don’t control, you’ll never know exactly where your data goes, who may have access to it, or how efficiently/securely it is traveling.

Our network path analysis services help offer:

  • Visibility―Gain further transparency into the internet and cloud so you can see where your data travels.
  • Security―Protect your data by determining if it travels to unsafe places or if something seems awry in your network traffic.
  • Efficiency/productivity―Often, slowdowns don’t start on your local network. With our services, we can identify the root of a data chokepoint and work with third-party providers to resolve the issues―helping you get more speed out of your IT workflow.
Our team works diligently to help you pinpoint exactly where your data travels and how we can alter or optimize network paths for maximum efficiency and security.

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Some employees are more efficient working from home or traveling for meetings and sales calls. You shouldn’t have to give up that productivity and flexibility due to cyber threats. Unfortunately, computers get lost or stolen at home and during travel. If the data on those devices isn’t encrypted, a criminal only needs to get past the computer’s password to view your company’s data and your customer’s confidential information. Our team provides disk encryption as a layer of security that renders the encrypted data unusable for a criminal, even if they get access to the computer.

Peace of mind for you―confidence for your work-from-anywhere employees

  • No extra work or time for you or your employees is required to encrypt your data
  • Gain the protection of full, business-class encryption
We want you and your employees to be able to work where, when, and in the way that is most effective. With our disk encryption service, you have another layer of security that allows you more freedom and confidence in your workflow.

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Companies across the globe rely on continuous access to documents in the day-to-day running of their operations. While there’s always the potential that an employee may accidentally delete an important file and need to leverage a backup copy, that’s not the only reason backups are important. Backups are critical for both your security and your business continuity strategy.

In the event of a ransomware attack, your backed-up files are your best option to get up and running again without paying the criminal for access to your own files. Also, if you lose access to documents located on your office computers as a result of something like a power surge, storm activity, or human error, you’re can retrieve your backups and get back to work from any internet-connected computer.

Back up all types of business documents, including files from:

  • Microsoft Office®
  • QuickBooks®
  • Outlook®
  • .PST files
  • Open Office™
  • Visio®
  • Mac® file types
  • And more
Backing up your mission-critical documents in a consistent, automated, and verifiable way is your best protection against having to do (and pay for) the same work twice. Let us take care of document backup for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Your backups are your company’s lifeboat and as such, they need to be tested―so you can quickly respond and recover from a disaster. Validating your automated data backups helps you determine if they’re ready to go in the event of a negative IT incident. Our team offers automated backup recovery testing to help you verify your data backups will be there for you when you need them the most.
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing your data can be recovered
  • Get regular reporting on recoverability tests of your backups
  • Lower the stress of a potential data loss incident
  • Increase your confidence in your backup and business continuity protocols
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Repeat ransomware attacks have become a common occurrence in recent years

Some stats

According to a 2017 report from data protection vendor Druva, 50% of the 832 IT professionals surveyed said their organization had been hit with ransomware multiple times


In its 2018 global survey of 2,700 IT managers, endpoint security vendor Sophos found that most organizations suffered multiple attacks with the average number being two per year.

Source: Druva
Source: Sophos