Simple & Fast Cloud Desktops

Fully customizable cloud desktops for small businesses

We improve your efficiency so you can focus on what matters.

CyberSleuth® Cloud Desktops are accessible from anywhere and from any device.

All data resides in Tier-III datacenters and backed-up every day.
CyberSleuth® Cloud Desktops


  • Increase security with a full ransomware protection
  • Increase employee productivity and allow a work-from-home program
  • Easy and secure remote access from anywhere
  • Reduce IT expenses with no more computers and servers to buy


  • Easy to use Admin Dashboard to add and manage users, increase storage capacity, etc
  • Daily backup snapshots are taken automatically and 100% ransomware proof
  • Antivirus and malware protection by default
  • Two-step authentication for you and your employees
  • Fanatical technical support over online chat, email, and phone
  • One-click web browser access from any device
  • Compatible with any modern thin and zero clients.
  • No need to buy computers anymore.
CyberSleuth® Cloud Desktops


  • SSL encryption on all communications
  • Two-step authentication (Email + SMS)
  • Tier III data center locations in America, Europe, South-East Asia, Oceania
  • Daily replication of all the data to another location
  • 3-layer firewall with DDoS protection at the datacenter
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant datacenters
  • Secure private networks between Cloud computer and your office
  • Antivirus and malware protection by default