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CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Dental Practices

What we do

We provision, secure, maintain and support the technology used by small to mid-size companies that move goods by truck, rail, air, or sea. Our team delivers the same level of IT assistance, proactive care, and troubleshooting for employees working in the office as those that are involved in our off-site activities.


CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Dental Practices

Why we do it

We understand how important the supply chain is to our local economy and our entire nation. We have chosen to work with transportation and logistics firms because we understand the risks that must be assessed and cyber threats that must be mitigated in order for you to keep goods moving and make your customers happy. You are a pivotal part of the success of our region and we want to play a small role in helping you get the job done.

CyberSleuth® IT Management and Security for Dental Practices

How we do it

We use proactive, remote IT management and cybersecurity approaches undergirded by enterprise-class IT protection protocols and cutting-edge tech management tools. Our team works wherever needed—remote or on-site—to optimize, maintain, and secure your systems.


Helping You Implement, Secure, and Manage New Tech

Transportation and Logistics companies


Augmented reality could become a competitive advantage within the industry in the coming years. “Initial research shows that AR has the potential to reduce logistics costs by improving the picking process, which accounts for 55% to 65% of the total warehousing operational costs. (DHL, 2019)

19$ billion

Robotics has already securely found its place within the industry. “The global sales of warehousing and logistics robots will reach $18.58 billion in 2026. (GlobeNewswire, 2019)

• Logistics service providers (LSPs)
• Carrier companies
• Courier express parcel companies
• Enterprises with internal T&L operations

(source: Transportation Industry Statistics You Can’t Ignore)

At GEICO we strive to implement the best technology to better serve our clients, so we hopped on the VoIP train. Well, the train ride was bumpy, to say the least. When we could reach our VoIP provider, the assistance we received was less than helpful. And with so many VoIP options, who could figure out which was the most reliable and best deal? We called in Manuel W. Lloyd to bring all the pieces together for us so we could continue to help our client base. They compared VoIP vendors, helped us choose one based on our needs, and provided us with an action plan to optimize our phone system. Guess what – no more customer complaints of garbled sound! This is huge for us as we depend a great deal on our phone system to service clients worldwide. As this new technology continues to grow and improve, it’s comforting to know that Manny is here to help us make the best use of it.

—Patrick Punzalen, GEICO