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CyberSleuth® Virtual CIO Services

Company leaders who want to move their business forward are looking to technology to play a pivotal role in that progress. But technology alone isn’t enough. An experienced, high-level IT professional on your side will help you leverage that technology for maximum impact.

What is a VCIO?

A virtual chief information officer (vCIO) is an executive-level IT professional that provides advice, guidance, and management of your overall technology strategy. The virtual part of a vCIO service allows businesses of any size to access the deep expertise of a C-suite IT professional without the cost of hiring another in-house executive.

CyberSleuth® Virtual CIO Services

We work with your executive and other stakeholders to build out, implement, and manage overall IT strategies

That support your overall organizational objectives

What we do:
We provide high level, C-suite IT strategy, IT budgeting advice, cybersecurity consulting, IT project administration, and overall IT management.

Why we do it:
We want business leaders to have executive IT advice for their go-forward organizational objectives. We want to provide top-tier IT consulting that helps you align your technology with your people and processes.

How we do it:
We have years of experience consulting with executive teams across a range of industries in the region. We act as your single point of contact for all technology-related questions or issues while delivering a digital transformation strategy to help keep you competitive in a fluctuating marketplace.

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  • Venture-backed startups
  • Small to mid-size companies without internal IT teams
  • Small to mid-size companies with an internal IT team looking for executive IT leadership
  • Small to mid-size companies looking to fill an interim IT executive position or needing IT leadership for a particular project
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  • Trouble choosing technology
  • Difficulty knowing what to budget for technology
  • Struggles aligning technology with their processes to eliminate manual tasks
  • Concerns about their cybersecurity posture
  • Challenges with designing, sourcing, and implementing technology platforms for their next steps
  • Lack of executive IT advice within the organization on key issues such as digital transformation options
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  • Reduce wasted IT spend and refocus your investment on IT that makes an impact
  • Lower your worries around cybersecurity
  • Tackle IT projects that enable you to pursue organizational growth
  • Remove uncertainty surrounding your technology roadmap
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability by properly implementing and configuring IT workflow
  • Rely on a single point of contact in the C-suite for all things tech related
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  • Answers for day-to-day IT questions
  • Oversight of cybersecurity protocols and posture
  • Digital transformation consulting for operational growth
  • Incident response and remediation
  • Leadership for IT projects
  • Leadership for internal IT teams
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  • We have years of experience collaborating with executive teams across multiple industries.
  • We have access to an array of IT specialties and resources if needed.
  • We have access to a full stack of enterprise-grade IT tools.
  • We work successfully with internal IT teams where necessary.
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Are you going to take over the IT department of our business? As an outsourced virtual CIO, we can provide as much or a little guidance to your internal IT department (if you have one) as needed. The primary focus of our vCIO service is to deliver actionable IT consulting to your executive team and other stake holders.

Will hiring you for vCIO services negatively impact our existing IT employees? We understand that bringing in an outside voice can sometimes be disheartening to internal IT staff. To combat this, we are very careful to assure the internal IT team that we’re here to serve them and to make them look good. For example, we can give internal IT staff access to tools and resources that had been out of their reach.

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  • CyberSleuth®'s knowledge is unreal, and their ability to dissect, and put together a strategic plan to get my company heading in the right direction was on point. No matter how big or little the projects are CyberSleuth® tackles them with a passion for the love of Information Technology. One thing that definitely stood out was their ability to keep all projects on the front burner, and their resources seem infinite. Communication, Accessibility, and Dependable are a few words that come to mind when I think of CyberSleuth®. I would highly recommend CyberSleuth®
    Joe Rose
    Network Administrator,
  • We hired CyberSleuth® to review our email architecture and make some recommendations for improving the performance. They had a surprisingly deep level of understanding of the subject matter and were also able to see the big picture of how it integrated with our overall business strategy. They were frank with their recommendations and helped guide us down the path to the right decision! We'd certainly use CyberSleuth® again!
    Spence Hackney
    President, Proclaim Interactive
  • If you want someone who understands technology and its end-to-end place in business, CyberSleuth®'s your team. They've always had three traits rarely found together in any company - passion, vision, and sincerity. CyberSleuth®'s attention always puts you first, they listen and ensure you're comfortable and in the know about every important decision
    Chris Weber
    Co-Founder, Casaba Security
  • I met Manuel several months ago at CPAC's Charlotte Chapter meeting. Since then, Manuel has actively engaged with CPAC and most recently was a featured speaker at a CPAC meeting. His insights into Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning were both insightful and pragmatic, leading to an extended Q&A session after he spoke. Manuel has quickly distinguished himself as a subject matter expert in our profession, and a valuable resource for organizations just creating their BCP/DR program or looking to improve it. I look forward to working with Manuel through CPAC at future events
    Dave Shimberg
    Chairman, Contingency Planning Association of the Carolinas
  • Manuel is an industry thought leader with a keen focus on best-in-class service to both his clients and the communities he serves. He is absolutely a pleasure to work with bringing to the forefront not only the desired level of business acumen for success but also the willingness to go the extra mile
    Nicole Keaton Hart
    Board of Directors, Visiting Nurse Health System
  • We recently contracted with CyberSleuth®. I could not be more pleased. Within the first 48 hours of scanning our computers, they identified multiple issues that posed a severe HIPAA breach threat in the event of a cyberattack. Initially, I panicked, but they calmly "talked me down" and showed me how to ameliorate those risks. They made me feel so comfortable and protected, that I hired them. I get reports on threats that have been blocked ( and who knew there were so my!) and ways to improve our security, hardware, and software. I'd not hesitate to recommend CyberSleuth®. The money we put into their services is worth it for our security and peace of mind
    Heather Latham
    Practice Manager, Odibo Medical Group
  • CyberSleuth has given me peace of mind with my cyber security. I have needed this service for several years but never found the right fit. Manny has been extremely responsive and makes great suggestions for us to implement not only on the cyber security side but also just on the IT side of things. We are a fully virtual CPA firm with offices in two different cities. I sleep better at night knowing he and CyberSleuth are protecting my and my client’s data.
    Mary S. Rhyne
    Mary S. Rhyne, CPA
  • If I could rate this company above and beyond 100% I would, hands down. Manuel Lloyd and his team at CyberSleuth® provide our Practice expert-level services in cybersecurity. Because we operate in healthcare, our systems must be monitored and double-checked for compliance, safeguards, processes, and procedures. This company's wealth of knowledge surpasses anything you will find elsewhere
    Sheila Carr
    Practice Manager, Ave Maria Family
  • Although I've only known of CyberSleuth® for a short period of time, there is no question in my mind that they are real in every sense of the word. They are passionate about what they do, but more importantly, that translates to their passion for helping medical practices succeed. Today, there is nothing more important than protecting data - it is absolutely more valuable than currency - and CyberSleuth® has all of the up-to-date tools to analyze, evaluate and recommend the right solutions to help every size practice. I truly respect CyberSleuth® in everything they say and do and I am proud to call them a business associate
    Micheal Tekely
    Clinical Risk Management
  • Manuel W. Lloyd has provided invaluable leadership and strategic direction for us. His company helped perform some heavy lifting on high-level initiatives including storage, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and business continuity. They are adept and up-to-date with new technologies but can balance excellent communication and negotiation skills with stakeholders and vendors. For this, they have been a very valuable asset to me, the IT Manager, and Wilmington Health overall. But what sets Manny apart is his energy and enthusiasm. I'd swear he never sleeps and is always there when needed. They are able to throttle their output up or down, depending on the needs of you the customer. And it's rare to find a company with those characteristics that also has a great and congenial mentality. CyberSleuth® is doing some excellent work for us, and I'm excited to continue working with them on future projects and initiatives
  • I recently attended a lunch-and-learn on the topic of Cybersecurity hosted by Manuel Lloyd and left very thankful we have someone with Manuel's high level of expertise in our community. He is a phenomenal communicator, making our time together enjoyable and complex IT issues understandable for those of us challenged by IT and its ever-changing security issues and environment. I left with very usable and pertinent information that I could share immediately with my workplace. His support and knowledge are readily offered and given along with quick follow-through and integrity at their highest levels. I am thrilled to have found him and his team!
    Kerri Andrews, RN
    Office Manager, SeaCoast Skin Surgery

We help you make the most of your technology spend by providing C-suite IT consulting

Some stats

Just figuring out how a cyber attack happened could cost small businesses $15,000


47% of small businesses have no understanding of how to prevent cyber attacks


3 out of 4 small businesses say they don’t have the personnel to address IT security.


54% of small businesses don’t have a plan in place for reacting to common cyber attacks

*Source: Fundera.com